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audio files (mp3's mostly) duplicates finder


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I'm sure that many of your music libraries contains at least one duplicate that lies there to find it out and wipe it out / or not. In my case, at the very least, I have lots of duplicates and I want from you to give me some suggestions regarding a good application that finds out the replicates and also a option to delete them ad-hoc.

In the past I've found Abee MP3 Duplicates finder, but with no luck in finding a good crack. :(

So, please point me in the right direction, it will be greatly appreciated!

All the best! ^_^

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Though I dunno how it handles mp3s, did you try this? It's free and good. :)

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Win 7 Manager has the utility - Duplicate File Finder .

just scan the computer drives on default ,

or manually add the folders , you suspect of having duplicate files and then scan ..

either way it would show duplicated files ,

but the second option would obviously give lil better results ..

second option i can think of is the - Cloned Files finder utility in Advanced System Care .

it doesnt have an option of folder scanning ,

just drive scanning and display the duplicate files ..

both the apps are front paged

try out ... ;)

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I've used 2 myself. An older one is called NoClone. But a newer program which is freeware is Auslogics Duplicate File Finder. The latter will look specifically for Audio files, video files, archives, etc. Very nice program.

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Thanks a lot guys, you are a really cool gang out here. :D Will check first the Auslogics program and then the others if I will not be satisfied.

Take care!

L.E. - I checked out Auslogic's duplicate finder and it disappointed me greatly. There were 4 clones in 3 directories, and it didn't find not a single one.

I found out about a new software (new for me ofc) named Similarity. Do you guys know of it, and can you please point me to a working version?

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