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Google Chrome 11.0.696.43 Beta


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Google Chrome 11.0.696.43 Beta


The Beta channel has been updated to 11.0.696.43 for Macintosh, Windows, Linux and Chrome Frame platforms

The following bugs were fixed

Passwords sync: passwords sync commits after EVERY browser restart (Issue 78548).

Autofill fails to fill forms (Issue 78509).

a few known crashes (Issue 78688, Issue 68350, Issue 77665, Issue 74585, Issue 76092, Issue 77219 and Issue 77447).

Redirect to my site without CFInstall.js (Issue 60018).

Update Silverlight v3 version metadata (Issue 78005).

Blocked plug-in dialog: make sure "Run this time" button is the first one (Issue 78120).

Policy: Proxy configuration over policy does not work. (Issue 78016).

Editing style adds the word "initial" for any property value that uses a paren (Issue 75302).

Google Chrome Helper doesn't quit, killing it relaunches a new helper process (Issue 74983).

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