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Top System & Security Programs for the Fresh Computer


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Some of you know I was in the hunt for a new laptop.

Well, I haven't got one yet! Woot! Go me!

Instead, I reformatted and am starting fresh with my current laptop. In addition to my laptop's hardware woes, some OS files (or SOMETHING) decided to corrupt themselves and thus my laptop essentially crashed. Luckily I was able to save almost all the files I wanted (I was unfortunate enough to loose my MS Outlook calendar and reminder files). I reformatted, put my files back onto my good old Dell Inspiron 700m, and got started putting the pieces back together.

So, here is the topic of this thread. What are your top System and Security programs necessary to put on a new computer? Try to keep to one Anti-Virus, one Firewall, and one (maybe two or three) Anti-Spyware; but feel free to list as many other applications as you like. Also maybe explain why you chose that program over another.

You don't need to limit yourself to nsane's System & Security list, but hopefully you don't use anything that's not on there anyway!

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Anti virus: NOD32(One of best detection rates/uses low system resources)

Firewall: Look N Stop( Easy to configure/set and forget firewall)

Antispyware: Spybot 3.5, A2, Avg Antispyware

System Maintenance: Tune up utilities

You should also try Acronis True image.(Great backup software for your computer.)

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nod32 a must. i already ran into 2 guys over here with external harddrives that had worms.

autorun.inf and a rav....

open.exe and some other with all the restore on the external infected.

norton, mc on their systems mess them and im guessng ms defender was doa too

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A/V - Nod32 all the way. Light(er) on the resources. But people seem to like KAV, too.

Firewall - ZA. Cuase I am kind of 'tarded and lazy.

Spyware - Spybot but I only install it a few times a year and run it. Just watch where you get stuff from. You can actually be more effective at stopping spycrap then any program.

Agree with Undefeated - Acronis for backups.

Also - Crap Cleaner for the regular crap.

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anti virus: avg free edition

spyware: avg free edition plus spybot 3.5

utility: wintools.net professional, cc cleaner, registry mechanic, jv16 power tools, everest ultimate edition, pc pitstop optimize.


firewall: windows (because im lazy)

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So no one's an AdAware fan, eh? I've never heard of Loook'n Stop before today. What's special about it?

How does everyone feel on that new Eet Security Suit? I've always felt security suits have been lacking, either with the synergy not being as good as it should or simply having indivudal apps work much better. I used Eset NOD b4 my comp crashed. They were good (while I don't know enough to judge) so I wonder if this security sweet will be of some quality?

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AdAware is much of a system-hog these days, and it doesn't detect that much. Not sure on the LNS thing, but tests turn out Comodo is the better and faster option, tho I just use my Router Firewall combinated with Windows Firewall just so Windows doesn't whine.

On the AntiVirus hand, I agree with the rest: NOD32.

Also I use NetLimiter Pro, a must for if you share your connection.

And, ofcourse... Opera for browsing.


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What's the verdict on Webroot Spy Sweeper? I use to use it and I thought it was okay. But I'm sure there is better.

I'm thinking Spybot and AVG are the favorites?

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I feel like all of the utility programs dock98 listed must overlap? A bit of over kill maybe? I mean, how many system utility programs do you need to checking and optimizing your computer?

I dunno, I just feel like a lot of those apps do the same basic function

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This is the 1st time I've ever responded to any forum topic on any forum anywhere, though I've posted to forums with problems on a very infrequent basis.

I am getting involved this time because security is my passion and I've put much time into researching anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-malware tools towards the goal of assembling the most comprehensive protection with the least drain on system resources. Considering that I haven't had any problems since I finalized my configuration some months ago, I figure I must be doing something right LOL.

Before listing my arsenal, I have to state that Nsanes System and Security list ( which is no slouch by any standards) has one very glaring omission -- it fails to include Avira AntiVir Personal Edition Premium, which has been demonstrated by AV-Comparatives.org to be more thorough than everything on the Nsane list. The details can be viewed at this link:


PLEASE!--understand that I am NOT putting down the Nsane list in any way; rather, I'm saying theres always a "better mousetrap" out there.

You'll note that my list doesn't include any of the classic software firewalls like Zone Alarm, Comodo,etc---I am behind both a Linksys router and an Alpha Shield hardware firewall. For those of you not familiar with the latter, go here:


The cheapest place I found it at :

http://://www.radioshack.com/product/index.js...=2104702&cp . I most heartily recommend this device!

Also, note the complete absence of "suite" utilities like Norton System Works, V-Com System Suite Professional, System Mechanic, etc. I find them to be too system invasive (getting rid of ANYTHING of Norton is a royal pain), in some instances too aggressively cleaning things and consequently negatively affecting essential software ( example -- V-Com All-In-One wizard messed up my HP scanner software ), and for the most part I found myself not utilizing the huge bulk of their available features ---- many of which (especially their anti-virus) are inferior to stand-alone utilities.

My security/privacy and optimization/maintenance/backup tools are as follows:



Pest Patrol

Comodo BO Clean

Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Premium

Ad Muncher

Diskeeper Pro Premier 2007


JV16 Powertools

Crap Cleaner

Spybot Search and Destroy

Hijack This

CWS Shredder

GrandBackup Ultimate

Acronis True Image


Process Explorer

If anyone is interested in my specific deployment of these tools, please advise by a reply post and I'll elaborate as re what is used how and when.

Do bear in mind that I am NOT recommending my configuration as being all-encompassing, invincible, superior to anything else out there, or any other such BS. Rather, I present it in the light of being an example of what is a basically well-rounded, comprehensive and user-friendly protection/maintenance/backup package.

I hope that these comments prove helpful to someone, offensive to no one, and generate some more posts to this topic which I consider of the utmost relevance to all knowledgeable computer users.

My best regards to all, barebear


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I agree with Avira AntiVir Personal Edition Premium being on nsane's list. Very good antivirus and also light on resources.

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What's the verdict on Webroot Spy Sweeper? I use to use it and I thought it was okay. But I'm sure there is better.

I'm thinking Spybot and AVG are the favorites?

For me it's a bulls*it :bong: Why ? Just try uninstalling thiz - even Webroot hasn't solution to remove their driver which after deleting some reg error (showed as error by jv16 etc.) will block your keyboard completely... It's a really pissing me thing.

For spyware I use of course FireFox + ad-block and g.updater . Also SpywareBlaster Ad-Aware 1.06 (2007 has one process which eats my ram and I don't know why coz I don't want to have resident and for me free version is the best) and spy-bot 1.5 (btw guys from where u get v 3.5? On spy-bot site their proudly annoucing v 1.5 :moon:

Also as barebear said Avira is currently better than NOD and Kaspersky so it is saying something..

But If u wan't to have good AV + Firewall built in I suggest u Kaspersky Internet Security 7 which I'm using from the begging (before I was using kis 6) and I'm really satisfied with it. Also is light waight to sys resources. Yes I know nod also is light but it hasn't built-in firewall and firewall will eat another MB's of ram.. (I don't know how is ESET security and ram usage).

Cheers :)

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NOD32 for Antivirus

No Firewall, don't really feel a need for one, I use my router as a firewall

Spybot for spyware

Windows Defender, just cause its there.

Can't remember the last time I was infected with anything.

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KIS 7 all the way. it has AV, FW, anti-spyware, web-antivir, mail antivir, anti-spam, privacy control, parental ... something (that i dont use) and, most important...:

PROACTIVE DEFENSE. none of u mentioned a sandbox/HIPS software. this kinda stuff will allow u 2 discover all the stuff that happens inside ur system. trust me, after u passed the initial test... with 100+ pop-ups when u launch ur apps, u wont regret ur time spent.

then, even if it is not security stuff... Acronis True Image ... now it is at ver. 11. something got broken? a vir destroyed ur hardrive? no prbl, just restore it with this software... 80 gb will take u 10 mins, maybe less, and u will be back in shape in no time.

av/fw for stuff that is already on the lists, HIPS so u can learn about ur system and hoq malware affects it, and if everything happens 2 go wrong... true image 11.

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AVG Antivirus FREE Edition: http://free.grisoft.com/filedir/inst/avg75free_488a1157.exe

AVG Antispyware: http://://://://://free.grisoft.com/filedir/i...up-

CCleaner: http://download.piriform.com/ccsetup201.exe

HiJackThis v2: http://www.merijn.org/files/HiJackThis_v2.exe

TuneUp Utilities 2007 + Serial (1-Click Maintenance):

Registry Mechanic + Crack:

Spyware Doctor + Keygen (Program updates Work):

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no goooooooooooooooooooo big time.

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so megaupload links are accpetable... and not rapidshare and they have cracks... and stuff...??

no rapidshare period

no cracks and key gens on or in the forums.

remember you can google anything that is in the forums

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