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Minecraft to officially launch on 11/11/11


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Minecraft finally has an official release date they are ready to share with the world. On 11/11/11, Minecraft will remove its beta tag and be available to the world for the low price of €20.00 ($28 USD).

The sandbox experience game allows players to shape and create their own world, with infinite possibilities, the gameplay is endless. Players create and mine their way through the sandbox level brick-by-brick, digging, creating and destroying their creations.

Markus "Notch" Perssons, the creator of Minecraft, originally launched the Java-based indie game back in May 2009, and it has since taken off with an incredible 2,000,000+ member base. The full version will be similar to that of the beta version, which still retails for €14.95 ($21 USD), and will still come with updates after the full version is released in November.

The indie game has even exploded on YouTube with home-created videos of players creations. Some players creations have been viewed over a few million times, including the

, where some user created a life-size model of the ship. Players have even created the Earth,
and even a

The block-style game has become highly successful with consumers from all lengths of the globe. Minecraft will launch on the iOS and Android platform later this year.

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