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Online Armor 5.0 RC3


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What has changed since the last RC:

  • A few GUI tweaks (license dialog simplifications, changed order of OK and Cancel buttons in some dialogs etc.).
  • Fixed an incompatibility that prevented applications sandboxed by Sandboxie from loading certain DLLs correctly.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented certain GDI APIs from being monitored correctly on Windows 7 x86 SP1.
  • Several translation fixes.

Known problems:
  • The setup may offer you a trial version although it is no longer available on your system.
  • The translations may be incomplete at the moment.
  • Running Chrome inside a Sandboxie sandbox won't work unless you exclude Chrome from Online Armor.
  • Certain themeing and desktop applications like RocketDock and WindowBlinds can cause GUI locks and crashes. We recommend to exclude the OAUI.EXE process in those applications.

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