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Windows 8 login screen revealed


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The flood gates have opened on Windows 8 leaks ever since Windows 8 was posted to Microsoft Connect. While many of the features have surfaced over the past few weeks, this is the first look at the Windows 8 login screen.

The image comes courtesy of withinwindows.com and shows the current state of the Windows 8 login screen. The overall look and feel has the Metro design language which is expected to be carried throughout the entire Windows 8 platform. The screen carries over from the WP7 platform a look and feel that while new, is consistent with Microsoft's current product WP7.

While more items and features may be incorporated into the login screen, for the time being, this is the current state of the login screen for Windows 8. Windows 8 is expected to enter beta, possibly as soon as this fall, with OEM availability in late 2012 and possible retail availability in January 2013.


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F**k ugly vomit.

This is just a concept (if it's even true). And also, this time, it is said that Windows 8 will have a build-in way to allow you to chance the logon screen. ;)

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