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FilePhile .Free Secure Unlimited File Transfers .


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Features at a Glance

  • Unlimited: Transfer unlimited numbers of files of unlimited size. (Users have transferred tens of gigabytes!)
  • Easy to Use: FilePhile is as easy to use as an instant messaging client. It's like an instant messaging client for files. Just add another FilePhile user to your buddy list and then drop a file or directory onto their e-mail address. That's it.
  • Direct: Files go directly from your computer to the recipients, which is both faster and more secure. This is also why FilePhile can be free, since it means that we don't have to actually handle file data.
  • Private and Secure: Absolutely private and secure, with professional-grade end-to-end encryption! We can't even see what you're transferring! Great for trade secrets, confidential presentations, medical data (HIPAA), legal documents, or anything else that must remain safe from prying eyes.
  • Bullet Proof: Transfers just keep going and going, automatically resuming when temporary problems occur. Just send a file and forget about it! FilePhile recovers from crashes, reboots, sleep/wake, and even changes in network location. You can start a transfer at home, pack up your laptop, go somewhere else, and the transfer will resume when your laptop comes back online!
  • Cross-Platform: Got friends or co-workers who use Windows, Linux, Macintosh, or even more obscure operating systems like FreeBSD? No problem! FilePhile can run on almost anything!
  • Absolutely Free: The basic client is absolutely free, and a professional version with enterprise features is on the way. Free also means no nefarious hidden "costs." We don't sell e-mail addresses to junk mailers, bundle spyware with our product, or violate your privacy.

Our goal is to solve it with a piece of software so easy to use that anyone can use it and that uses the Internet the way it was intended: transferring directly rather than through some third party. You see, it's called the Internet for a reason. Every point should be able to talk to every other point. You shouldn't have to upload your file to some third party just to send it to another peer on the network.

What makes solving this problem hard? The prevalence of firewalls and network address translation. But we've worked hard (and will continue to work hard) to incorporate into FilePhile advanced networking techniques that get around that problem.

Part of solving the file transfer problem is solving it for everyone. That's why FilePhile is written in Java: because Java makes it easy to port FilePhile to dozens of OS versions and platforms.

Another part of solving the file transfer problem is solving it in a way that preserves privacy. There is an increasing number of web-based solutions for file transfer, but these involve uploading your private data to some third party server where it can be read, indexed, and data-mined by whomever runs the server (or breaks into it). We think that giving someone a file should be as private and secure as handing them something face to face.

Finally, solving the file transfer problem means not having size limits. FilePhile has, for all practical purposes, none. You could theoretically send terabytes (1tb = 1000gb) of data with it... though this would take a very long time with most net connections. File transfer sizes are limited only by your network connectivity, not by FilePhile.


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