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NOD32 Update Viewer.


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I didn't know what's the purpose of 'NOD32 Update Viewer' so I 'GoogleIt' and I found a thread about this it in a forum called 'Wilders Security Forums'. So if you want to know more, please, follow the link below:


I hope this information would be useful.

In my own opinion: My Nod32 is updating normally using Fix 2.2 from Mr Nsane. If I need to update my Nod32 to the latest definitions signatures, I override the 'Automatic' option (checked by default) making a 'Manual' update. The Fix from Mr Nsane (thanks for this...) checks the servers and dowload the latest protection available for your Nod32. So, I don't have a strong reason to install and use NOD32 Update Viewer.

What do you think about?

I would appreciate your opinions...

Best Regards,

Pirri :D

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