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Problem with permissions in WIn7


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Hi, guys! A friend of mine's give me an HDD to backup data on it, but I can't copy some files because of permissions problems. I did reset the permission, take ownership of files and folders and nothing worked. What should I do?

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Tried Hiren's BootCD (or it's XP Mode)? :)

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as Dkt said , Hiren's boot cd might work .

you could also run a Live Linux .

easiest way is ,

run Unetbootin , select a Linux to install ,, Puppy Linux is light , small and fast , best ,,,,,

select the preferred USB drive and click OK .

it would automatically download the Live .iso file and prepare a bootable usb with linux on it .

boot the pc from it and back up what ever data you want ., over riding the windows permissions .

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