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Help needed - Firefox 4 reports WebGL not enabled..


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hello friends ....

well i been trying out the new FF today ,

when noticed this strange thing ..

upon using some Demo apps , from here --- Mozilla presents - Web-O-Wonder .

WebGL and HTML 5 at Mozilla Labs - Mozilla App Directory

WebGL games

( specifically the Barfight game , Runfield game , Planet Buster game . )

it reports WebGL is not enabled in the browser or update your video driver .

i tried the same links ( a WebGL game link and a Demo link ) in Chrome ,

but it works fine there .

no messages ...

its clear and the links and the game work good ...

so this shows there is no problem with the video driver .. ( and they are uptodate too ... )

so why is FF reporting WebGL not available ...? :think:

any settings required , openly or under the hood ?

thanks ...

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What does it say when you type webgl in about:config?

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yeah i tried that too ...

have a look ---


now if i enable this -- " webgl.force-enabled;false " to " true " ,

then it seems to work fine ...

there are no warnings or messages ....

now i wonder , i manually ' forced ' the browser to use WebGL , and it did ....

shouldnt it be doing it by default ... ?

how do you have it enabled in your browser ?

did you run any app/game to see the result ...


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  • Administrator

I see. I have no idea why. Nor know how to enable webgl via settings.

But yeah I played the Runfield game yesterday and today just fine. :)

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D ,

you too have the same settings for WebGL under about:config on your system too , like mine ?

and with these default settings , all was ok on your system .

no messages , or errors ?

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  • Administrator

Yeah same here in about:config. But had no errors like that. It seems that many others are having the same problem ATM.

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well its just not on my side ,

there are many other FF more too , reporting WebGL not enabled .

its because , Firefox is blocking certain ATI , nVidia , Intel drivers , due to bugs ..

check this link to see the blocklist and also find instructions to by pass or over ride the block and enable the WebGL again in FF 4 .

Blocked Graphic Drivers

thanks to DKT27 for the link ... :)


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