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Android phone full disk encryption with WhisperCore


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Android phone full disk encryption with WhisperCore

Still in beta and only supporting the Nexus S phone but it will be extended to other devices soon. WhisperCore integrates with Android OS including basic platform management tools and using robust encryption performed using the uncrackable AES 256 algorithm in XTS mode to cipher all of the data on your Android mobile device with the option to encrypt the SD (Secure Digital) card and any external microSD card associated with the phone.


Nexus S Android phone

This encryption Android app it is now free to use for individuals, business users need to pay, and it is installed like any other application, after choosing your password every time you boot your Android phone you will be asked for it, forgetting your password will make it impossible for you or anyone else to use the phone, there is no backdoor.

Visit WhisperCore homepage

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