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Granola - improves the energy efficiency of your PC or laptop.


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Safe for any computer

Smaller than a single MP3

Save energy

Maintain performance

Install easily and forget it

Granola makes computers more energy efficient without slowing them down. Granola is safe, easy to use, and allows your computer to operate with the performance of a Ferrari when speed counts but also with the efficiency of a Prius so you don't waste energy. Help save the world with Granola.

What is Granola?

Key Benefits

Reduce energy use

No performance loss

No additional hardware

Improve battery life

Reduce operational cost

Reduce cooling cost

Reduce carbon footprint

FREE to use

Granola is an intelligent software power management solution for x86 servers, laptops, and PCs running Linux and Microsoft Windows. Granola automatically optimizes a system to use energy more efficiently without compromising performance or availability. The Granola Power Management Daemon (see below) when installed on a server, laptop, or PC, matches the energy consumed by the system to the load on the system automatically. Granola typically lowers total system energy use by 10-35% even when a system is 100% utilized. Granola also tracks the energy saved for use in estimating cost savings and carbon emission reductions.

Granola Overview

Granola is professional-grade, supported software free for personal use making it a must have for Linux and Microsoft Windows users.



Key Features

Energy savings without compromising performance and availability

Supports x86 platforms running Linux and Microsoft Windows on physical/virtual servers

Immediate energy saving for most deployments <5 years old

User-level max, min, and auto energy and performance policy management

User-level reporting of energy savings without additional hardware required

No measurable overhead (<1%).

Energy savings and software complimentary to consolidation techniques such as virtualization

Installation takes less than 5 minutes on average

Little to no maintenance

Download here:downlo11.gif2u6fxmo.gif


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well... i think it has a native support for x64 OS.. and unfortunately it needs to be supported by your motherboard... i think 2006 model and up....

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sorry to be so negative but I am sure that it cannot save more energy than modern cpu's using their own power saving features. Corporations like Intel and AMD investing such great amount of money to the research and creating new ways to save more energy while being fast and responsive. Furthermore creating some account for something as little and useless as power saving software is such a waste of time and electricity ;)

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I guess its useful for linux, as linux has absolutely atrocious (ubuntu 11 especially) power saving capabilities...

I really wonder how they are aiming for tablets for ubuntu 12.04 (yes the power problems are a big hindrance - windows 7 i have ~3 hrs, ubuntu 1-1.5 :angry: )

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  • Administrator

@niharjhatn: That's because of a serious Linux kernel bug that wasn't fixed from months or so. Just yesterday the linux devs fixed that bug. Lets see when does Ubuntu applies the update.

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