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The Zune is officially dead, sort of.


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Microsoft is finally pulling the plug on all the rumors and speculation that the company is working on another media player. Zune fans should enjoy their Zune HD, as Business Insider reports that the company will not introduce any new versions to the market.

Microsoft's recent attempt to expand the Zune HD availability to countries like Canada was only an effort to help promote Windows Phone 7, rather than a hint at any further expansions for the platform. The Zune HD will be the end of the road for Microsoft in the media player market, but the Zune software will live on to support Windows Phone 7 devices.

Xbox 360, Windows Phone 7 and Zune HD users will still be able to use the Zune Pass and other various Zune software, but the company will not manufacture any new Zune hardware. Back in April, Microsoft released an updated version of the Zune, a 64GB model, along with firmware 4.5 for existing Zune HD devices.

Microsoft appears to be focusing all their mobile efforts on WP7 devices, rather than competing with Apple and other manufactures in the portable MP3 player market.

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The Zune HD was actually nice hardware. Too bad Microsoft gave up. I think they had something just need a few tweaks here and there. Oh well.

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