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inatalling software


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i like putting programs in certain areas, if able too, in the "program files" folder. ei program files\protection\ip blocker\methlabs\peerguardian 2 instead of pf\m\pg2

i like a clean program file folder that i can look at a folder name and actually know what the thing is actually about.

what i was wondering was, if you do things like this too, where do you put some of your miscellaneous stuff like the "unlocker" and other files programs at? some key folder names you use. thank you

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Yes I've been doing this a while since I first started using PC's :rolleyes:

On the desktop there is a folder titled "Samurai" with several folders inside to where I normally save certain files and programs. It currently looks like this:


-Documents (Letters, Correspondance etc...)

-Drivers (Graphic card drivers etc...)

-DVD (Anything DVD Related)

-Games (A couple of games, mods, maps etc...)

-Patches (Mostly latest game patches, but can be anything)

-Program Files (Every other program file)



-WinXP Themes

I always ensure my folder is no bigger than a DVD-R as I make regular backups (roughly once every 2 months), as well as "My Music".

Obviously, there will be other folders located inside each of these folders but they're more specific with regards to what folder they're in.

Hope this helps :)

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i do something like that too. but im looking more for folder names i can use inbetween "program files" and the "actual installed program"

like pf\protection\anti virus\NOD 32

im a bit stump in thinking up some key folder names to use. i dont know where i want to stick "unlocker". folder names i can stick other install files in. i put winrar, winace and quickpar in pf\file compression. something that makes it easy to find and know what the files are.

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reminds me of my start menu... Some programs install their shortcuts in the current user's start menu directory.. Then you have other programs that install their shortcuts in the "all users" section... So like every month I have ta check the folders and merge them to keep them organized.. :rolleyes:

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Mine is a little complicated...


MP3z - Songs

Essential - Drivers

Utilities - nLite...maxxpsoft...

Recovery - CDCheck....Floppy recovery...

Look&Feel ---

Screensaver -

StarDock - DesktopX...WindowBlinds...CursorXP...

BootScreen -


Image Viewer - XnView..IrfanView

Video Player - LightAlloy...BSPlayer...VideoLAN

Codecs - realalt....


Antivirus - NOD32..Kaspersky

Firewall - Sygate..Kerio..ZoneAlarm

AntiSpyware - Webroot Spy Sweeper...MSAntispyware...AdAware..


Registry - jv16...registrymechanic...reg defrag

Systweaks - PCaccelerator...

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Guest tensegg

I do

windows: all windows atuff

graphics: all graphics stuff

p2p: all p2p stuff

audio: all audio stuff

security. all security stuff

web: all web stuff

tools: all pc maintenance stuff

stuff. all other stuff that dont fit in other stuffs

I do this with my folders, start menu and program menus, nice and simple, like me.

then I make a folder for all of those groups in a separate drive, and set all the programes in those groups to save there, with subfolöders where required. I use two OS also, one which i install anything and everything, and regularly mess up, and one whch i keep lean and mean, with only essential apps and as few processes as possible. Both os save to the same place, so i can skip from one to the other without any hassles. Even my girl can find her way around, amazin!!! :usama:

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It's amazing how some people can let their computer slide. I came back from my friends house earlier today and his PC is more than just a mess, it's just wrong on so many levels. I'm willing to bet his PC is severely fragmented. Of course when you try to help, it goes in one ear and out the other.

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Guest justice4all

My home Pc is terrible! Pitty you can't hire cleaners to do the clean up. I've left it too late and I'm just going to format it and start fresh. However, my laptop is organized. Instead of keeping some files stuck on the computer I just wait untill it hits the 4GB limit and then I chuck it all on a DVD-R.

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