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ffdshow.ax causing explorer.exe to stop working


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Hi guys.

From couple of days (approx) I was having an odd problem. Explorer.exe has stopped working, please restart the program... Happened about 3 times till today. But today when I logged in, the error was back and didn't go whatever I did, restarted the explorer, computer. When this error occurred my computer was all slow and even mouse was blinking in lower FPS while moving. Was able to just read that the cause of the problem was ffdshow.ax.

Got into safe mode, reset all the Win7DSTweaker settings, detected broken all the codecs etc. Still didn't solve the problem. I didn't reset all the ffdshow and K-Lite settings though. Only those that I thought would be causing the problem.

Back to safe mode, uninstalled K-lite, same problem.

Entered Repair computer in startup, didn't try it before so used the repair startup, took a long time to complete, I would have closed it if it didn't saying "will take several mins to complete". Read that some root files were modified was causing the problem. Clicked finish and the problem was solved. No more explorer.exe errors. :)

Then I looked into the event log only to find out I forgot uninstalling K-Lite 64bit. :angry: And yes, K-Lite x64's ffdshow was causing the problem, please note that I haven't modified any settings in x64 ffdshow. Uninstalled K-Lite x64 and I don't think I'll be installing the 64bit version again cause having no use for it

I read somewhere that thumbnails would have done that, but why ffdshow then. :s

So then, anyone else having any problems with latest the 64bit version of K-Lite codec pack?

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