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Trillian 5.0 Build 31 Beta


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Trillian 5.0 Build 31 Beta


Build 31 is now available, fixing a handful of reported bugs with continuous client and other miscellaneous issues.


Trillian for Windows Changelog

5.0 Build 30 -> 5.0 Build 31

March 1, 2011 to March 11, 2011





12754 Kevin Kurtz FIXED [Contact List] Scrollbar may appear on tooltips after viewing your mail

12765 Kevin Kurtz FIXED [Contact List] The event button is themed when it shouldn't be

12753 Kevin Kurtz FIXED [Container] If you ack a message on another device, and the message is in a container on your device, it may still stay flashing even when it shouldnt be

12745 Kevin Kurtz FIXED [History] Chat window shows the wrong name in the chat history.

12346 Kevin Kurtz FIXED [History] Messages duplicated when switching between protocols in a metacontact

9157 Kevin Kurtz FIXED [iM] French language pack preventing login to certain networks

12750 Kevin Kurtz FIXED [iRC] IRC messages do not trigger message notifications

12747 Kevin Kurtz FIXED [Message Windows] Clicking some buttons may happen twice after a metacontact window morph

11881 Kevin Kurtz FIXED [Message Windows] Copying is off by a few px when a bottom margin exists

12756 Kevin Kurtz FIXED [Message Windows] Metacontact window may jump to front on a switch that is initiated either by the remote person or remote device

12734 Kevin Kurtz FIXED [Message Windows] Multi-tab windows break transparency-when-inactive

12755 Kevin Kurtz FIXED [Message Windows] Selection state may not match up if someone is typing

12737 Kevin Kurtz FIXED [Message Windows] Since build 30, message windows do not reopen in previous locations

7806 Kevin Kurtz FIXED [Message Windows] Taskbar flashing does not work properly

12752 Kevin Kurtz FIXED [Preferences] Flag older skins as outdated

388 Kevin Kurtz FIXED [skins] Support for PNG skin preview

12726 Scott Werndorfer FIXED [ASTRA] No Music Status Updates if connected twice (from Phone & PC)

12735 Scott Werndorfer FIXED [MSN] Duplicate IM's on MSN

12663 Scott Werndorfer FIXED [MSN] unable to add new friends

12801 Scott Werndorfer FIXED [TWITTER] If you reply to a tweet but add text prior to the @name, the tweet does not go through

12489 Scott Werndorfer FIXED [XMPP] Google Chatback Badge crashes Trillian

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