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Abine Privacy Suite. a complete suite to easily and effectively manage your online privacy .


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A suite of privacy apps from Abine ,,for your browser (FF and IE) that make it easy to protect your privacy online. The privacy apps make it simple to protect your privacy while making daily browsing more convenient and secure.

what the suite does ---

  • Stopping tracking by hundreds of advertising networks and websites . see what all info a site is gathering about you .
  • Manage all cookies (regular & Flash) and trackers in one place .
  • Easily create distinct online accounts for different uses . and manage them all with one click log in .
  • Pre-fill registration forms with limited subsets of information .
  • Shield your real info with disposable emails and phone numbers.


Privacy Apps

Abine's Privacy Suite software has a collection of privacy apps that give you control over what personal information you want to share online.


Protect your browsing privacy

See how sites use advertising networks and "Web bugs" to track your browsing habits - and block them.


Sites Privacy Info

Get a full report on how a site is tracking you and what personal information may be at risk.


Control who's got your information

Easily control what personal information you use and share for all your online activities.


Register with Private Information

Auto-fill registerion forms with the profile of your choice, and create unique email addresses and phone numbers for every site.


Easily log into all of your accounts

Never forget a password - securely log in to your accounts with one click.


See all your account information in one secure place

Get a complete map of your online life.


Chrome Block for Chrome Browser

Protect your privacy by stopping secret tracking of your web browsing! ChromeBlock automatically blocks 100's of web beacons, bugs, and other tracking technologies that advertisers and others use to track your browsing. ChromeBlock also includes all the opt-out cookies of Chrome TACO.

Delete Me

Having trouble deleting a Facebook account or MySpace profile? Don't want your pharmacy keeping track of your medication history? The DeleteMe service can help. We make sure you share what you want to share and get everything else taken down. You have more rights than you know, and DeleteMe will break through the red tape and let you exercise those rights.

Abine .

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yeah ,

the right place ....

thanks mods ...

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Thanks for the share! Started using it now! :)

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been using it since last night ...

works good .

its like [ Ghostery + Better Privacy + HTTPS Everywhere + Lastpass + Cookie manager ] = ABINE Suite .

everything you need to control your online privacy ( sort of ..) in one single application .

the password manager also works the same way as Lastpass .

its much more informative and powerful than either of the stand alone extensions .....

this application should have a bright future ...

keeping it running at the moment .....

to quote from the company's home page ( About Abine )---

Privacy Policy of Abine

Abine, Inc. except as required by law:

  • Abine will not track, store or transmit to any server or third party, information regarding users' behavioral data (to include web browsing activity).
  • will not sell or otherwise work with third parties to market additional software to users (not including Abine software or services).
  • will not deliver or help others deliver any targeted advertising to users.
  • will not store users' passwords and login credentials on Abine's servers (or any other remote location other than the user's computer) except when requested to do so and encrypted with a key not known to Abine.

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