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Hey Guys!


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So I found this forum looking for a working version of eboostr4 .. and upon some research, I see the man TonyBlair (i believe) has the magic touch. Alas, after signing in and registering and all that you guys have implemented the minimum requirement thing to actually see the post where I can find it. Thats ok... I looked around and it looked like a nice place to post about. I like the idea behind this site. Anywho, I did kinda look around but I thought I can also ask (see if anybody would be so kind to just tell me) how many posts does it take to see into those forums?

Being active on forums in the past I know the etiquette, and trust me Im not about to spam the board just so I can get there. I kinda wanna see what this site has to offer.... and like I said .... looks cool

aight guys ... haha I think this is the 1st actual welcome thread Ive ever made.

oh and although I cant contribute much in fixing programs and shit like that ... Im full of awesome ... so I hope that helps lol

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Welcome! :)

Its a variable limit. The limit isn't too high though ;)

Cool ... well I did manage to find it ... im pretty unschooled in this whole thing .. now my only question is when I downloaded the "crack" my nod32 went nuts and said it had a trojan AAA variant protect or some madness like that

knowing (especially) this place ... wouldnt infect each others comps

is that something I should ignore? =/

lol ... im confused in this whole madness ... but hey no worries if you dont know ... honestly thanks for the welcome

makes me all warn and fuzzy :)


Im a stupid :(

I just read the rest of the thread ... thx

I like this place :)

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:hi: & :welcome:

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