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UK government announces £50m council fund for faster broadband


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Extra funds could add 800,000 to higher speed internet

The UK government has announced a £50m investment into broadband infrastructure with the aim of giving the country the fastest network in Europe.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, said the funding would be made available to local authorities via the Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) agency. It forms part of a planned £530m investment in the UK broadband network.

“Broadband is crucial for the country’s economic future; that’s why the coalition government is investing over half a billion pounds in its infrastructure.

We want to have the best superfast broadband network in Europe by 2015 and today’s £50m will benefit up to 800,000 homes and businesses. This is very much a locally-driven process and we encourage bids from all local people with plans for improving broadband in their local area. "

The government has already stated that is wants a minimum connection speed of 2Mbit/s and has said this is possible by 2015. This is somewhat at odds with Osborne’s pre-election pledge to have 100Mbit/s connections to most homes by 2017, which followed a Labour commitment to have 2Mbit/s connections nationwide by 2012.

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