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Android developer calls for revolt against Google


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Disgruntled coder sets up Android Developers Union and demands changes to Android Market

A disgruntled Android developer has created an Android Developers Union and issued a call to arms for other developers to protest against Google's management of the Android Market.

The group's creator outlined his grievances in a blog post, claiming that developers are being treated like "sharecroppers on Google's digital plantation" and threatening to move to other platforms and actively campaign against Android unless certain changes are made.

"If our demands are not met, we will move our applications to alternative marketplaces [and] cease Android development in favour of other more open platforms," the post said.

"We will dissuade other developers from developing Android projects, and we will work tirelessly to counter any of Google's hypocritical claims about openness in the media."

The demands include a "renegotiation of the 32 per cent Google tax on applications sales, increased payment options, a removal appeals process and algorithmic transparency".

The group claimed that these changes will improve the Android Market for developers and customers.

"Implementing these demands will improve the working conditions for Android developers, thereby improving the Android ecosystem and giving a better experience to our customers," the group said.

V3.co.uk contacted Google for comment but had not heard back at the time of publication.

The revolt will be watched with interest by other smartphone players, particularly Microsoft, as they seek to gain market share against the growing dominance of Android.

Android overtook Symbian in February to become the smartphone software leader worldwide.

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