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Vista screensaver inspired WMP visualizations


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Correct me if I’m wrong but I think it’s been at least two Windows releases since any new or updated Windows Media Player visualizations. Sure, what comes in the box are still visualizations by definition, but I couldn’t consider any of them eye-candy. Recently, a new visualization pack made by two Microsoft employees in their spare time is worth checking out.

Stephen Coy, the designer of the Windows Vista screensavers and Tim Cowley, a software engineer on the Office team have come together to release a visualizations pack for Windows Media Player called “Psychedelia” two years in the making. But don’t worry, no LSD drugs involved.

As a requirement to run these visualizations, you will need a graphics card that supports at least shader model 2.0 (most DirectX 9 graphics cards will), which might seem like a high requirement for visualizers, but how else are you suppose to create visual magic right?

Included in the single package are 7 visualizations with over 40 variations in total, including

» Album Art 3D - 3D cubes with the album art of the song you’re currently playing

» Bubbles - inspired by the Bubbles Vista screensavers also featuring the album art

» Distortion - distorts the album art in a 3D waveform

» Hypnobloom - hypnotic checkered purple rings

» Ribbons - inspired by the Mystify and Ribbons Vista screensavers (as seen above)

» Gigertron 3D - 3D layered visualizer bars

» up cuber - a pigment arrangement of 3D hexagon cubes

I’ve never been a big fan of visualizers before but I’m hooked onto “Ribbons”. If you’re looking for some awesome WMP visualizers or something to match your Vista screensavers, then give Psychedelia a try. It’s a reasonably light download at 5MB but best of all it’s free!








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Excellent find Zeus! I have been dreading and avoiding ye' old visualizations for ages, and every now and then I'd take it onto myself to try and find something slightly more decent for today's standards on visual graphics, here at last! Haha. Thank you.


I can't believe it! My video graphics card doesn't let me use them! :P :P

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