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BitComet Beta Version (20110223)


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BitComet Beta Version (20110223)


GUI Improved: display Batch Download window when drag&drop multiple torrent files to main window or floating window

GUI Improved: remove the drop-down menu from the delete button in toolbar of Torrent History or Torrent Share list

GUI Improved: add "Show Detailed Info" option in View menu

GUI Improved: new setting in option dialog: add to Torrent Share when opening torrent

GUI Improved: display translation text of "Day" and "Hour" in task left time

GUI Improved: display recovered and dropped data size by hash-checking in task log list

GUI Improved: display used memory size in Statistics pane

GUI Improved: new setting in Advanced Option page: max number of UDP packets sent per second

GUI Improved: display upload/download speed in the left of main window's title bar

GUI Improved: display more accurate error info when opening Magnet URI of unsupported types

GUI Improved: display preview window of task downloading progress when mouse hovers on floating window or system tray icon

GUI Bugfix: "Open Forum" button in toolbar become invalid when file list is showing

GUI Bugfix: after remote connection established, the network status light turns green, but the tooltip of the light and the listening port status in Statistics pane not refreshed

GUI Bugfix: in v1.26, certain settings in Proxy page can't be saved

GUI Bugfix: in v1.26, unable to create new tag from Task Tag option page

GUI Bugfix: in v1.26, the seed number not displayed in task summary pane

Core Improve: read file in working thread after disk cache of BitComet used up, to avoid UI responding slowly while high-speed seeding

Core Improve: slow down download speed when disk writing speed can not catch up, to avoid UI responding slowly while high-speed downloading

Core Improve: improve uploading queue handing, to boost uploading speed in LAN

Core Bugfix: stop and restart BT task containing 0 size files will lead to unnecessary hash-checking

Core Bugfix: drop incoming peers whose listening port is unknown when their connection disconnected

Core Bugfix: files not closed after task stopped as disk space full, making those files locked for moving or removing

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