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Get the newest Outpost Firewall (only) 7.1 (3430.520.1247) for FREE from Agnitum!

Poopdeck Pappy

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Poopdeck Pappy

Ok, like many of you, I have to have a software firewall to control what goes in and out, keeping those little bastard programs from phoning home and whatnot. I really don't like those all in one suites, I like to keep things as lean as possible, so for me its always been Nod32 and a firewall only. Having used both Comodo and Outpost most recently after dumping Zonealarm years ago, the one feature that keeps me coming back to Outpost is its timed "Auto Learn Mode", which is great for playing a new game for the first time, not getting those firewall pop ups during a full screen game, that with some games even locking the screen, leaving a hard reset the only fix. Also good for the PC tards that play on my secondary gaming rig, turn it on autolearn 1 hour and any Steam or game updates are learned without the tard having to do anything.

So I had been using Outpost Firewall Pro, with the keys and fixes, so as to get the latest version (another quirk or mine, must have most updated version of everything...), knowing there was a free Outpost firewall without the spyware stuff, but it was from 2009, meh... Don't really give a crap about the pro's realtime spyware protection anyway. Have always used Nod32 for that, and its latest works great! Since Agnitum has been keeping up with the fixes, I have been forced to try something else, I tried the free Comodo firewall, which I really like a lot, even better than Outpost, except it lacks the timed autolearn mode.

So how to get the newest Outpost Firewall completely free, from Agnitum? You install the free Outpost Security Suite. If you use another Antivirus or spyware (I only use NOD32, so I'm not sure about other products being detected), the Outpost installer detects them and does not install the Antivirus module and disables the realtime spyware engine (you can still use the spyware scanner and it will still update if you want) Leaving you with the newest Outpost Firewall, nice, fast and lean.

There you go, enjoy! (without needing any fixes to fuss with as well)

Now you have to get a free registration key to fully activate it, I just used a crap mail box to get it. See below for links.

It has to be registered, here is the link to get the free key. -


Use this crap mail to register -


Link to newest Outpost version -


or use Nsanedown's site links -


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