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Windows Phone 7 update fail bricks handsets


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Minor update renders some WP7 devices unusable

Microsoft has been forced to set up a help page after a number of users complained that the minor Windows Phone 7 update being rolled out this week has rendered some devices unusable.

The Windows Phone 7 Troubleshooting Guide lists 19 possible error codes that may be encountered, and offers help on how to overcome the issues.

Many of those who tried to install the update after its release yesterday were unsuccessful. LG Optimus 7 and Samsung Omnia 7 owners appeared to be the worst hit by the flawed update, which has 'bricked' some handsets.

A number of Windows Phone 7 owners have taken to the Windows Phone 7 Forum to vent their frustration and find a fix.

"I have tried rebooting several times and removing the battery and I get the same thing each time," wrote one disgruntled user.

"My Omnia 7 is now a brick. This is not good enough Microsoft. It's your first Windows Phone 7 update and you screw it up. Please tell me what to do."

Microsoft has advised users not to try the update again while the company investigates the problem.

"We would ask that you not attempt the update until your device alerts you of another update opportunity, in approximately three days' time," said a forum moderator.

Those who overcome any difficulties may be frustrated when they learn that the update is relatively minor and will not bring features such as copy and paste.

"This isn't the update you've probably been reading about or perhaps waiting for, the one with copy and paste, but that's coming soon. This update is a relatively small one," said Michael Stroh, from the Windows Team, in the Windows Phone Blog.

"So while it might not sound exciting, it's still important because it's paving the way for all future goodie-filled updates to your phone, such as copy and paste or improved Marketplace search."

Microsoft claimed to have sold two million Windows Phone 7 devices at the end of January, but the inability to issue a small update is an embarrassing blow and could hinder the platform as it tries to compete with iOS and Android.

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