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Mozilla warns of further Firefox 4 delays


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Beta 12 on hold until current bugs are ironed out

The long-awaited final version of Firefox 4 is facing more delays and will struggle to make its anticipated February release date.

Christian Legnitto, a Firefox release manager at Mozilla, wrote late last week that the beta 12 version of the browser will be delayed while the development team waits for a final list of "betaN hardblockers", or bugs.

However, while beta 12 was assumed to be the final test version, Legnitto warned that the team may yet require another beta to iron out all the problems. The delays mean that Firefox 4 is unlikely to ship this month.

"The bugs blocking beta 12 are expected to be fixed in the next day or so. At that point we will freeze nightlies and then create the beta build when we are confident of quality," he wrote.

"Beta 12 is currently planned to be the last beta (by definition due to not having any betaN hardblockers after it is created), but we still might need a beta 13 if issues found in beta 12 need beta coverage before a release candidate."

However, Asa Dotzler, a community co-ordinator for Firefox marketing projects, was a little more optimistic about the release date.

"From what I can tell, there are only seven unwritten patches standing between Firefox 4 and hundreds of millions of users. yay :-)," he said in a Twitter post this morning.

Statistics released at the start of January show that Firefox is now Europe's most popular browser, having finally knocked Internet Explorer off top spot, although they both face stiff competition from Google Chrome, which jumped by 9.52 per cent to end the year on 14.58 per cent.

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I miss all my add-ons that remain incompatible in v4b. I think that's why I'm so impatient for the v4 final. Sure, I can open 3.6.13 and use them all, but after getting used to 4beta, I can now "feel" the difference between the two. At This point, 3.6.13 might as well be v2.0. So, my ultimate decision is to.... w-w... ww-ww-w-w-ww... ww-ww... w-ww...w... wait.

There. I said it. :snooty:

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This just mean that Mozilla will be giving us a well-cooked FF4 ... using Minefield pre-beta 12 and it is coming along nicely :dance2:

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Just one hard blocker left now.

From what I can guess, we won't see Firefox 4 final in less than 10-15 days because they do all the testing after bugs have been fixed. And for each release, they take 3-5 days to test before shipping it.

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