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how to over ride the 72 min limit on megavideo ?


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you watch a video on megavideo and then suddenly it stops and reports --- you have watched 72 min of video today . please wait for 52 mins to watch again ...

damn -- this sucks ...

any help or work around to over ride the counter / the 72 min limit ?

any working hacks or scripts or settings ??

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Try this plugin for FF and chrome. It works for megavideo


already tried this ..

doesnt work ....

the video still gets stuck at 72 mins ....

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Search firefox addons SkipScreen

Site: http://skipscreen.com/

Surprising it worked fine for me in Chrome.

Did you try this http://www.illimitux.net/

This supports FF 4

does skipscreen work for megavideo ...?

and i just tried this illimitux .

after installing the FF extension , it tells you get yourself registered .

you register .

and then it tells you to install cacaoweb along with it .

you do that .

and then when playing a video it still tells you -- launch cacaoweb .

now what ???

and cacaoweb seems strange .

comodo firewall reports incoming and outgoing requests for cacaoweb .

had to block it ..

now is it supposed to be doing that ...?

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