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Libya goes offline as internet blockades continue across region


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Khadafi regime follows Egypt in blocking internet traffic as Bahrain authorities restrict services

Internet services in Libya have reportedly been stopped and those in Bahrain severely restricted as their respective governments battle to clamp down on civil unrest by removing the main means for protestors to communicate and organise themselves.

Network security firm Arbor Networks reportedly noted that Libya "abruptly disconnected" from the internet at around midnight on Friday as protests against leader Moamer Kadhafi continued into their fifth day.

According to AFP, Libyan authorities have killed more than 80 anti-regime protesters as part of the brutal crackdown.

Meanwhile, in Bahrain, Arbor Networks noted a decline in traffic of about 20 per cent from Monday, around the same time that protests flared up demanding governmental reforms.

The actions again highlight the increasing role the web plays in nurturing and facilitating democratic protests and the determination of the authorities in question to remain in power.

In what was an unprecedented step, the Egyptian government cut all internet services including fixed line and mobile services in the country at the end of January after protestors gathered demanding the resignation of leader Hosni Mubarak.

ISPs were allowed to go back online a few days later, but the internet blockade did not succeed in quelling the protests, with Mubarak eventually forced to resign.

In many cases the authorities in these states have to balance their desire to crack down on protestors via blocking internet services, with the basic truth that if communications are disrupted there is likely to be a significant economic cost to the country.

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By doing this, they are just doing wrong publicity about themselves. ^_^

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Significant economic costs... How about the cost to themselves... Okay .. uhhmm.. government is doing something that they don't like regardless of all of the points to this.. they continue to instate even stricter means and start killing people... Anyone see what's wrong... The people aren't being governed.. they are imprisoned... Which is going to just get worse if they don't fight for their freedom... even if the government wins out .. it will be a desolate dead world.. and a tattered country when the dust settles.. and nothing left to save or do.. but allow the government to set back and run the thing like a corporation..

Bottom-line.. what is going to have to be learned by these countries is that when the people say something has to change.. It MUST change... Lives, futures, children.. generations to come.. and the ability for those individuals to pursue the very basis of human existence must be in place.. Controlling the people is an old world adage.. It needs to ripped from the mentality and perception of governing... The government should be there to serve the people and work for a greater good.. Not an oppressive regime which is going to shape the outcome.. Its fundamental...

Do or die.. says the government.. the people say do or DIE.. Very few forms of government have ever been able to exist for very long.. because of the wrong actions.. the wrong forms of so called control... Regardless of the mind games or even what is given.. when its wrong it is wrong.. Something that can span race, sex, subcultural, and cultural divide.. a commonality... If it is a failure then it must be removed... Better decisions have to be made... These people are fighting for their survival... the lessons involved speak for themselves.. they know what is to come.. they understand what is also waiting to take its place.. and that something better must be chosen...

Their governments ... have to been held responsible for their actions..

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