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µTorrent 3.0.24704 Alpha (64-bit)


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µTorrent 3.0.24704 Alpha (64-bit)


-- 2011-02-14: Version 3.0 (build 24704)

- Fix: diskio and dns crashes

- Fix: assert if settings file didn't exist

- Fix: don't parse media file headers before we have scanned the files for .!ut suffix

- Fix: create more space for strings in UI for translations

- Change: turn on isp.bep22 by default

- Change: use 11 asterixes instead of 6 for hashed passwords in settings dialog (in the hope to reduce confusion)

- Fix: systray icon not showing up when starting up minimized, and systray icon is not always on

- Fix: don't delete files when 'download to' and 'move to' directories are the same

- Change: Menu item "Add Torrent (no default save)" became "Add Torrent (choose save dir)"

- Fix: support vodo's RSS feeds

- Fix: minor crash

- Change: New installs now default to the minified view.

- Fix: blank screen when f5 pressed in apps window

- Fix: Message would cut off part of text with newlines in 64-bit on vista and up

- Fix: In minified UI, use completed value in ## of ## display instead of downloaded value

- Change: Install app bundled with torrent file only when app button clicked for torrent

- Feature: added debug call to dump sockets in logger tab context menu

- Fix: uTP fast-resend bug

- Fix: Socket leak, leading to being unable to download

- Fix: minified view hand cursor re-enabled (on share or open hover)

- Fix: minified view share and open icons now have text again

- Fix: re-enable minified view alternating row color

- Fix: rating tab didn't erase properly on resize

- Fix: don't highlight column in minified listview

- Fix: ui artifacts when switching between minified and non-minified dl list

- Fix: list item label edit showed up briefly in minified mode on dbl click

- Feature: enable disk congestion logic when disk cache is turned off

- Fix: "RSS" status didn't show up on list item highlight

- Fix: Show/hide status icon in name column when user changes setting

- Change: improve logging for pex flood events and average over more messages

- Change: dropzone appearance

- Feature: dropzone highlights when file dragged into it

- Change: change semantics of seeding filter to include seeds that are not currently transferring

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Not sure about 64-bit which is why I didn't post it... But I think teh staff mentioned that they won't list it till it hits Beta at the very least.

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hmmm strange as 32-bit Alpha is listed on frontpage.


µTorrent 3.0 64-bit alpha 24767


-- 2011-02-18: Version 3.0 (build 24767)

- Feature: make the content offer in the installer dynamic (no more re-builds for updating content offer)

- Fix: startup crash when upgrading with older client settings (64-bit only)

- Change: show installer when ut is launched from a different drive than where it's installed to, to make portable mode installer more accessible

- Fix: highlighting when click and dragging in the listview

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hmmm strange as 32-bit Alpha is listed on frontpage.

It's not really an exception since it has debuted a lot longer than the recent 64-bit.

I guess I'm just waiting for it to be integrated with its 32-bit counterpart.

All the same, we shall be brushing aside the 64-bit for the time being.

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