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360Amigo System Speedup Pro Give-Away


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360Amigo System Speedup Pro is a new advanced and professional PC optimization and error repair program which consists of a System Cleaner, System Optimizer and a wide variety of System Tools to dramatically enhance your PC performance, featuring an advanced Error Detection technology aimed for quickly fixing your PC problems.


plz do check the link for Giveaway

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After testing this a while back I came to the conclusion its basically a rogue product. I know some people like it but wanted to make people aware they must have backups before trying it. It screwed up my pc and a lot of others I've read about. Yes I used the new version.

That sounded a bit harsh. It has some nice features, but I wouldn't use its reg cleaner again. I guess thats where the major damage is done.

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yeah eset also detects for the potentially unwanted app.

dude only eset is detecting it as well as in wilders forum macros (eset forum moderator) it has something extra payload so that it will induce user to purchase it.

if you do not believe here is the proof Link

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