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Google search results get a lot more social; Twitter, Flickr and more


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Google has begun tweaking their social search results to include various social networking websites including: Twitter, Flickr, Reddit, Digg, Linkedin, YouTube and more. Prior to today, these social search results would only appear at the bottom of the page, but Google has now incorporated these results with regular search results.

According to SearchEngineLand.com, these search results can also be a lot more personal by connecting your Flickr, Twitter or anyone of the allowed social networking websites. Once connected, Google will use this information to generate results based on what your friends share on these social websites. Users should note that Google currently does not incorporate Facebook likes yet.

Google launched this social search project back in October 2009, where Bing followed exactly a year later with their version of social search, but with one major different, Bing uses your Facebook information to help generate results.


These social search results can be disabled if a user wishes by simply by turning the feature off. This option panel is said to appear in the search results in the coming days.

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