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Windows 8 build 7926 setup.exe screenshot surfaces


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Microsoft is hard at work on Windows 8 and as the days go by, we tend to learn a little bit here and there about what we can expect in the new platform. While there is not a lot of new information to report at this time, a new screenshot leak of build 7926 has hit the web.

Infamous leaker, Zuko, who has been a primary source of the leaks so far, has posted up another screen shot of of the setup.exe file. The entire build string is 6.2.7926.0.winmain_win8m2.110211-1159 which means that it was compiled on February 11th. At this time there has not been a build of Windows 8 leaked, but as time continues to move forward and more users get their hands on the builds, the possibility of a leak becomes more prevalent.

Not too many details have leaked out about Windows 8, but its new UI might be called "Wind," where Microsoft plans to create a 3D desktop. Other details suggest that Microsoft might be integrating Windows 8 to the cloud, selling the operating system as more of a service, making deploying and updating a simple task.

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