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VMware Workstation drang drop don`t work


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I have VMware Workstation v7.1.3.

Host: windows 7

Guest: windows XP Pro

Drang and drop dont work.


VMware Tools are installed.

Options are enabled.

I still cant use drang and drop. Why?

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You'll get it. More than likely it's just because you haven't figured out how to use the mouse like VMware likes.

It can be a little fussy.

Try some more. Click in the window to activate then click the item and ctrl c, Then click in vm to activate, then again to make sure it knows what you're doing. Then cntrl v.

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Always don't work :(

Sometimes after power on guest (Windows XP) and closure VMware my CPU load is 50 %. All process VMware are shut down but CPU load is still 50% and must restart PC. After restart all is fine.

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Drag and drop. Copy paste. It's the same end result.

Copy and paste seems more reliable so that's what I suggested.

Weird high CPU load is a whole other thing.

What is the host OS? What version is VMware?

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I think it's a common bug with VMware products...

I had this problem several times and at school too with some PC (even with same Hardware sometimes it works sometimes not...)

Don't know how to help you cause you have the last version of Vmware, Win 7....

Try a clean install with the version which includes tools and look at the event log if you have some warning or error about Vmware....

Or ask support on Vmware forums ^_^

Say us if you have solved your problem.


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Shared folders works so I used it ^_^

VMware is expensive and don`t work. Virtual PC 2007 is free and works fine :frusty:

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