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jv16 PowerTools 2011 Release Candidate 1


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jv16 PowerTools 2011 Release Candidate 1


Change Log (Changes since Beta6)

Bug fix: Loading the list of backups in the Backup Tool can abort after click on the main menu (File, Select, etc.).

Bug fix: A new item created in the Startup Manager don´t show in the list of this tool. The new item don´t show not even in the second session of the tool.

Buf fix: File Encrypt/Decrypt feature can crash to "Cannot open file".

Bug fix: Clean and Fix crashes when attempting to FIX certain History items. It can REMOVE them, but the FIX element crashes.

Bug fix: Saving the list of Software Uninstaller causes formating tags (e.g. "<img src="file://c:\program files\xxxxxx\xxx.exe"></img>") to be included to the file.

Bug fix: The contents of the detailed description field of the Registry Cleaner cannot be translated.

Bug fix: The Fix button of the Registry Cleaner and Clean and Fix My Computer can cause "List index out of bounds (0)" crash.

Bug fix: The Open in RegEdit Right-Click option doesn't always work for all items, especially with the Registry Monitor. When the problem occurs, RegEdit opens but the correct key does not.

Bug fix: In Mass File Renamer the drag and drop of the renaming blocks doesn't work properly.

Bug fix: Long File Finder operations can hang the program (i.e. it never finishes).

Improvement: Increased the speed of the program by removing some remaining debug code.

Improvement: Greatly increased the speed of the File Finder and File Cleaner.

Following changes were made to English.lng:

Under [Registry Cleaner Misc] was added:

100 = Incorrect uninstall key

101 = Key contains invalid file reference(s)

102 = Key is empty

103 = Incorrect ARP cache item

104 = Invalid file reference

105 = Incorrect app path item

106 = Incorrect file reference in default value

107 = Incorrect file reference in path value

108 = Incorrect file reference in dll path value

109 = Incorrect file reference in path value

110 = Incorrect file extension

111 = Key is empty

112 = Key contains invalid file reference(s)

113 = Font file doesn't exist in system font directory

114 = Incorrect CLSID

115 = Incorrect Typelib

116 = Incorrect Interface

117 = Incorrect ProgID

118 = Incorrect AppID

119 = Unregistered CLSID

120 = Unregistered Typelib

121 = Unregistered Interface

122 = Unregistered ProgID

123 = Unregistered AppID

124 = Key contains invalid file reference(s)

125 = Help file doesn't exist in the system

126 = Unneeded data

127 = Incorrect open with item

128 = Incorrect shared item

129 = Unused DLL file

130 = Invalid file reference

131 = Incorrect software item

132 = Unneeded history data

133 = Invalid owner

134 = Broken file extension

Under [Confirmations] was added:

95 = Please give the new directory name

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