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Apple iPad 2 set for launch


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Second-generation tablet expected to have FaceTime capabilities but not Retina display

Apple has reportedly given the go-ahead for iPad 2 production, hinting that the unveiling of the successor to the hugely popular tablet is just days away.

The iPad 2 is expected to be lighter and thinner than the current model, and to feature a faster processor and more memory, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The tablet is also said to feature at least one built-in camera to allow FaceTime video conferencing between Apple users.

It is almost certain that Apple will stick with the 10in form factor, as chief executive Steve Jobs has questioned the ability of 7in devices to provide a good user experience. However, those expecting a Retina display are likely to be disappointed.

V3.co.uk contacted Apple to confirm the reports, but the firm had not responded at the time of writing.

Although many rumours still surround the iPad 2, it is clear that it will be a step up from its predecessor, according to Nick McQuire, EMEA research director for enterprise mobility at IDC.

"We are likely to see a front-facing camera and an emphasis on video as we did with the iPhone 4 release," he told V3.co.uk.

"Whether we will see support for other rumoured areas, such as SD cards, HD video and a combined GSM and CDMA radio, remains unclear at this stage."

Apple singlehandedly revived the tablet market when it released the iPad to critical and commercial acclaim last year. Over two million units were sold in the first 60 days, triggering a scramble among other manufacturers to get devices to market. Shipments are predicted to reach 20 million this year.

Samsung was the first major vendor to get a rival device onto the shelves in the form of the Android-powered Galaxy Tab. The device appears to have been a hit, and Samsung claims to have sold two million units, although questions remain over this figure.

A number of business tablets were announced at CES in Las Vegas earlier this year. Manufacturers including LG, HP, HTC, RIM, Lenovo, Motorola and Toshiba are all lining up devices, which are expected to showcased at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week.

Many manufacturers will be aiming to challenge the iPad using the forthcoming Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system designed especially for tablets.

V3.co.uk will be at Mobile World Congress to bring you the latest releases and hands-on demonstrations.

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Another iPad...... so each revision will feature one thing iPhone 4 has basically, until iPhone 5 and its features and so on...... as much as i like apple ( not biased I like all companies, not one particular over another) I can just see this as a way of slowly releasing the same product just faster with one/two more features to draw people in to spend. But hey thats apples method :\

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  • Administrator

No offense. But one of the reasons I've decided not to buy any Apple product again. :rolleyes:

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i was going to get this one , but motorola Xoom really took my breathe away

i hope they release GSM version so it would be the total pack-age

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You know they had the placeholder for the camera inside the casing of the ipad v1 since manufacturing. So really they intentionally held back the camera in the first version to trick rich idiots into buying the second version. OMG you are still using first ipad, you are no longer cool enough to hang out with us, get lost loser. Then spoil brat goes and buys new ipad v2 to get back in the cool crowd. That's how it goes really, not about functionality or feature, just a social statement. Then there are the idiots who think they are the best graphic designers in the world because they use mac, sadly a mac machine takes 200 years longer to render graphics than a Windows machine for quarter of the price, go figure.

Normal people upgrade to latest technology but Steve pancreas Jobs releases 5 year old tech and charges a premium for it; I mean tech that mirrors the performance of competitor products from 5 years ago. They still think Core 2 Duo is the latest technology. The Core i-series has been out since around 2008 and Apple only started releasing products with i5 in Q2/Q3 of 2010. Still they don't use the i3 for some reason so it's either you fork out the extra house mortgage for a macbook with an i5 or you settle for a core 2 duo.

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