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Pidder, the social network based on privacy


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Pidder, the social network based on privacy

ShareSocial network platform with encryption

We all have heard of FaceBook privacy abuses, anything you upload to the net stays there for ever, what today is acceptable and you do not care about might come to hunt you when one of your prospective employers, journalist or partner searches for it and reminds you of what you did ten years ago.

Pidder has been designed for privacy from the beginning to the end. Unlike other social networks that force you to use your real name and address with Pidder you use a nickname by default, you are provided with an identity management service that allows the use of different nicknames, your data is only shared with those you voluntarily choose to share it with, you are given access to a centric management system of your online identities.

When you exchange messages with your Pidder contacts these are encrypted using the unbreakable AES-256algorithm to cipher the message, if someone who isn't a Pidder member wishes to send you a message he can use a dropbox, which messages are also sent fully encrypted, all the sender needs to know is the URL address of your dropbox and he can remain anonymous, you can also add a link to your Pidder dropbox in your blog for people to contact you.

Pidder-social-network-privacy.jpgPidder private social network

Data deleted within Pidder is erased immediately in the production environment and 14 days after that is deleted from the backups. The only thing that Piddle keeps for tax reasons are invoices from the premium users, if you choose to use Pidder anonymously your invoice will not contain any personal data.

Pidder does not serve you any advertising that I can see, and it is free with some limitations, some features are only available to premium users.

Pidder main security&privacy features

  • All communications with Pidder are encrypted with SSL
  • Login blocked after incorrectly entering the passphrase a few times
  • Virtual keyboard to protect from keyloggers
  • Use of keyfile together with a passphrase to login
  • Setting up a one time passphrase to expire after fixed date
  • Use of authentification puzzle (visual login system)
  • Data encryption performed in your browser with javascript (using pidCrypt)
  • Use of pseudonyms and able to secure and build a reputation with them
  • Erasing all of your data permanently if you so choose to

Pidder is most privacy and security friendly social network one can hope for, if you are not technical oriented it will take some time to learn all of the concepts behind public key encryption and nicknames but the documentation at Pidder Wiki is pretty good and they have video tutorials for each one of their features, a Pidder Firefox addon is also available and their encryption javascript library named PidCrypt is open source.


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This sounds awfully cool, even for someone like me who arent' into social networking sites. Only problem is that even if it's security conscious, it'll never attract the same mob as facebook did. It's a site with a very limited audience =(

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