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Intel resumes Sandy Bridge shipments


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Series 6 chipsets will be used in certain PC configurations

Intel is to resume shipments of its faulty Sandy Bridge chipset for use in PCs where there have been no reported problems.

The firm confessed to issues with the 6 Series chipset on 31 January, and has seen a number of announcements and PC recalls.

HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer and others have had to announce recalls, but have also admitted that few end-user systems are likely to be affected.

Following discussions with these manufacturers Intel has announced that it will restart shipping the second-generation core processors, but only for use in PC system configurations that are not affected by the design problems.

"Intel and its customers are focused on delivering the highest quality PC systems based on Intel 2nd Generation Core Processors," the company said in a statement today.

"As a result of these discussions and specific requests from computer makers, Intel is resuming shipments of the Intel 6 Series Chipset for use only in PC system configurations that are not impacted by the design issue."

Perhaps in a bid to limit the risk of any more announcements or reports of faulty hardware, Intel is being strict about the companies that can use the reissued chipsets.

Intel said that only computer makers that had committed to putting the 6 series in non-affected systems will receive shipments, and that it is manufacturing a new version of the chip which it expects to start shipping in the middle of February.

The recall has been something of an embarrassment for Intel, and will cost $300m (£186m) to fix over the current financial quarter, and up to $700m (£434m) by the end of the year.

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