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Can someone recommend me a website to learn C#?

ESET Freak

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The title says it all! smile.gif

Oh ya, I have the Express version of C# installed. Do I really need the Professional version?


E-Books are also welcomed laugh.gif

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There is no need to have professional version. As for learning C# go to MSDN library, the best place for .net development. I am assuming you have more than average knowledge of any Object Oriented programming language. If not then try and learn C++ or java before going for C#.

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I just like to remind:

Learning how to program - and - learning how to code using C# - are two different things.

When you are learning how to code using C#, like it or not you also have to learn the .NET Frameworks.

However, I can suggest some books which are, in my opinion, the best I've ever read, starting from beginner to advanced level.

Most of these books are update to newest C# 4.0. But, beware as most of them only teach on how to code using C#.

Here they are:

Beginner level:

Advanced level - once you've gain some experiences:

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