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U.S. Resume Controversial File-Sharing Domain Seizures


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Rojadirecta is known as one of the world’s major Internet sports broadcast indexes. The site links to broadcasts of many popular soccer matches plus other sporting events including NBA, MLB, NFL, NPB, IPL.

The site has well over a million visitors a day, and is listed among the 100 most popular websites on the Internet in terms of traffic. This morning, however, visitors were surprised by a warning from US authorities. Continuing the previous “Operation in Our Sites” actions, the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had seized Rojadirecta’s .org domain.

Rojadirecta is an unusual target for several reasons, not least because the site has been declared legal twice by Spanish courts. The site’s owners have previously fought a three year legal battle in Spain, which they won, but a single seizure warrant from US authorities has made this victory pointless.

Without receiving a notification or the option to defend themselves, the site’s domain was seized this morning.

“We have not been notified,” Rojadirecta’s Igor Seoane told TorrentFreak. As with the previous seizures the domain registrar was bypassed in the seizure. “According to Go Daddy they have not touched anything,” Seoane said.

Similar to BitTorrent sites, Rojadirecta doesn’t host any copyrighted material. Instead, it indexes HTTP links to sports streams that can already be found on the Internet, and also carries links to .torrent files which are hosted on other sites.

The site is owned by a Spanish company that pays its taxes and has been declared to operate legally in Spain. In addition, the site is not hosted in the US either. The only connection to the US is that the .org domain is maintained by a US company.

This indirect connection to the US makes the seizure a dubious action, according to Rojadirecta’s owner. “In our opinion the US authorities are completely despising the Spanish justice system and sovereignty,” Seoane told TorrentFreak.

At the moment Rojadirecta displays the same message from DOJ and ICE as the sites seized last year, including Torrent-Finder. It is expected that Rojadirecta is one of the first of a new list of seized domains. Kingdom-kvcd.net is another domain that was just seized, and we will update this article as more information comes in.

The message below is posted on Rojadirecta.org


The sports streaming and P2P link site is currently looking for legal advice, both in Spain and the US, and its owners are determined to fight the seizure with all means they have.

Despite losing the .org domain, Rojadirecta can still be accessed via rojadirecta.com, rojadirecta.es, rojadirecta.me, rojadirecta.in. The latter two domains are interestingly enough maintained by the same company as the .org domain, but Rojadirecta ensures us that they have many other domains that are not controlled by US authorities or companies.

The seizure of Rojadirecta shows that commercial interests are high on the agenda of the US Government. Seizing a domain that has been specifically declared to operate legally in other countries does not appear to be an obstacle. In this light, one has to wonder if generic domain names should be controlled exclusively by US companies.

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thisis why this illegal president has got to go. no more czars. no more riaa lawyers being made prosecutors and judges

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This would seem to be a little odd for a domain seizure.. especially with it being in another country... or even being legal... a torrent link doesn't make it illegal... Probably be released at some point.. just seems rather odd..

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This would seem to be a little odd for a domain seizure.. especially with it being in another country... or even being legal... a torrent link doesn't make it illegal... Probably be released at some point.. just seems rather odd..

its worst then that. the bill hasnt pass and been made into law allow them to do this to begin with. what next? nsanedown.com? this admin is illegal and must be removed. .

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Well the only thing I can even see through this is some of the legal ends of this.. I mean even before Internet usage .. There were laws which keep some stations from airing or broadcasting others news and specials... and so on.. content... So technically .. really some of this is already in existence.. some areas can be gone after on the premise of the laws which already exist... Simply put.. for example copyright laws.. some of which can be quite specific.. like even copying out of a book to distribute to a class.. a chapter.. is actually illegal as hell..

A great deal of discernment and understanding of the outlying requirements and objectives of these laws and how they are written and in what regard they are to be utilized.. and to what end is quite crucial to those wielding the law.. the problem can become evident when the laws in place are interpreted for other things.. and for other areas.. which they do not adequately cover.. such in the case as fair use.. or having a media directory similar to a phone book.. You know.. uhmm.. LOL.. you don't shut down SWB for listing a hitman or dealers number ... or even an illegal service ... Again I think this is off.. something is not right somewhere.. and I think that it could mean something else.. If you have an experience with litigation and or investigation or charges which have been brought.. You do know that while things f this nature are going on .. You assets.. property.. documents... and all other things are seized... If your records show connections to others.. possibly in which charges have been brought then they will do the same to get the evidence an compile a case against you...

Some will say this is a sucker-punch and they do not know what they re doing but I think its quite evident what is going on.. though we don't know the details we don't have to .. to understand the way the system works.. to be able to interpret it.. I mean if you try to look at everything for its face value and only i what you know or see... You may well be quite blind-sided by what may be coming and in how that will be coming about.. which lands you with nothing left but 'face-plant', smile for the cameras.. Your famous now..

The end effect deters crime.. and shows progress in several areas which in turn gets backing both financially and otherwise... others innovate...

The task forces are not just sitting around waiting for a snatch and grab... they are out there looking around... they are doing their jobs and investigating... Following the breadcrumbs... looking for the evidence that makes it stick... and a lead...

Not something to ignore no matter what... Thing is .. if we want things to change.. We want the right decisions to be made.. sitting on your ass isn't going to get it done.. While they turn the whole thing into a profitable mess.. from the artist to the Government Task Force... for the sake of having our freedoms as individuals and living our lives... We are sitting here knowing we are not doing nothing wrong here.. yet we are criminalized for going digital or sharing something.. I mean there is a clear distinction...

I wonder sometimes if someone did unplug us as people from the Internet .. exactly how much more profitable would anything be.. anyway I am rowrling about getting ranty a bit.. feeling it creeping up and its usually not the best time for me to try to make sense other than how I 'FEEL' .. about it.. so.. hopefully you get the point of what I mean.. Technically and generally the laws are already there... They have been for a long time.. just not to cover specifics of the tools used.. nor to account for any of this.. So the innocent blood will run in the streets.. lives destroyed.. and all.. or such huge allegations of some...They don't care about nothing but the money they make.. not about the people who's heads are rolling in the streets over it... There is always an idiot to sell it to right.. someone who will not care.. can't.. and of course investing this money into a system which will secure or change these areas.. by the corporations who are responsible for doing so themselves for the product they produce... I have some common sense in this area.. why don't they its simple....

Cutting ranty tired bits here <---

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