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i've users in my network always try to bypass the surfcontrol and isa server to chat ,i block them all the time but now they're using reverse.lstn.net tunnel wich is not blocked by any server, although i added it to the block list, any ideas?

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Hardware filter... now this can be different between networks and how they are set up to operate and in which they are able to reach the outside... I would allow only those connection to specified domains in which they are in need of connecting to and deny all others... ( Block all with exception for ***.w/e ) ..if they are being blocked the next thing that will occur is that they will have to go the route of using their own personal devices to carry out personal communication.. If in fact they are communicating via interoffice..then another type of setup could be made available to them to do so..

Also if you own the company or business n question.. you can change the parameters in which they are to keep their jobs.. for instance.. regardless if they can bypass or not.. traffic is logged and in which situation you can prove who, when and at what time... make it known to them that they have three strikes..Some might check an email.. others go crackhead chatty-cathy and waste hours if not everyday with their addictions...

Two warnings and write-ups, signed... and the third in which their employment will be terminated... This would be a requirement of their employment and drawing unemployment based on quitting would be out the window... as they could no longer perform their duties...nor meet the company requirements..

They don't like it, then they can hit the door.. I would way the necessity of such an action as to how much this is impacting your employees productivity.. There must be a balance between work and a positive environment.. This has to be in check, otherwise you wind up having people who show up to work to socialize and continue to go about their lives as socialites.. Others will have to pick up the pace and pull more weight to accomplish the tasks.. and do the work.. This in effect causes a very unhappy, and unproductive environment which is out of balance and the work load is then put on the people who strive to do the job as it to be done.. who should be rewarded for it.. but only when they go above and beyond to make this happen.. Rewarding them for simply doing the task is going to only create another problem where the dog doesn't do the trick unless he gets the biscuit.. so to speak.. and the next thing you know your giving away free cars...and nobody comprehends a days work anymore.. Some refuse to give ore as they are never rewarded for their efforts particularly those scarred from it in the past.. Taking the short end of the stick . as they say.. is not something they are going to do..

Nobody every wants to have to walk in and start firing anyone.. but when it comes to not just a question of inefficiency but virtual sabotage of the workplace and business it is time to do something.. Rather it is from certain individuals or things you have allowed them to do.. or is commonplace and accepted.. would be more for the person in charge and first hand to decide..

Morale and management.. recognizing who s not on-board... and making changes that will insure success, productivity, and a future for all of those who have invested of themselves are things to be considering... when a plan of action is to be created.. and initiated.. End effect being which choice to make... and which ones you should not be forced to do...

WinGate used to have some good products for this.. as a side note..

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