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Android phones will now be able to download PSP games


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Sony has just finished wrapping up at Tokyo where the awaited PlayStation Portable 2 was announced. But Sony surprised the world though by announcing a cross-platform and cross device framework called PlayStation Suite where Android phone and tablet users will be able to download PlayStation Games directly from the store and emulate them from their device. Sony says that the mobile phone is now ready for "PSP-like performance" and that the environment surrounding portable gaming has undergone a radical change since the launch of the first PSP.

Sony says that since the PlayStation Store launched back in 2006 the store has had a total of 69 Million accounts registered with 80% of all PlayStation 3 consoles registered online, with a grand total of 1.8 Million content downloads from the store. These figures are only expected to rise by a phenomenal rate when the PlayStation Store becomes available to Android users.


Sony will also be launching a new licensing program called "PlayStation Certified" to ensure quality across various devices alongside PlayStation Suite hoping that this scheme will attract major game developers and new ones as well to build world class games for the mobile device.

Games developed using the PlayStation Suite framework will also be available for the new PlayStation Portable 2 and the PlayStation Phone so that no one is missing out on any of the action. PlayStation Suite is set to be released alongside the PlayStation Portable 2 at the end of the year.


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