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WikiLeaks broke no rules Visa study finds


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Credit card company continues to block donations

A study into WikiLeaks by a third-party consultant commissioned by credit card company Visa has cleared the site of illegal activity.

Visa blocked donations to the WikiLeaks site last month, saying that it would have to examine the legality of the site. It hired Norway-based financial services company Teller AS to investigate WikiLeaks and its Icelandic fundraising body the Sunshine Press.

According to documents obtained by Associated Press Teller AS found no instance of WikiLeaks breaking the law.

"Our lawyers have now completed their work and have found no indications that Sunshine Press ... acted in contravention of Visa's rules or Icelandic legislation," Teller's chief executive Peter Wiren said late last month in a letter.

Visa spokeswoman Amanda Kamin said that the company would carry on blocking payments to WikiLeaks until an internal investigation within Visa had been concluded but decline to name a date for any report.

Visa and Mastercard were attacked by members of the Anonymous organization following their decision to block payments to the site, as was PayPal when it froze WikiLeaks' account.

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