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Virgin bringing 100Mb service to more UK homes


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Virgin Media has introduced their 100Mb broadband service to another 150,000 homes, adding to the 200,000 already with access. Homes in Pentwyn, Southport, Treforest, Cheshunt and Hatfield are the newest additions to the growing fleet of towns with 100Mb access, and Virgin are hoping for the number to increase further as the year progresses.

Speaking to TechRadar, executive director of broadband Jon James said:

From establishing the UK's first ever broadband service to the launch of 100Mb just ten years later, Virgin Media has led the greatest developments in digital Britain. We've invested many billions of private money in order to build a growing network that already passes approximately 13 million homes across the UK. We're racing to get these ultrafast speeds across this entire area as fast as we can to meet demand.

The news comes following an announcement from BT of trials in Suffolk for a service reaching speeds of 1Gbps. Expected to begin sometime this year, pressure is mounting for Virgin Media to keep up with BT's ambitious plans.

As the country's broadband quickens, more and more content providers are taking advantage. YouView, a joint venture between the four terrestrial giants, is one such demanding service that will launch later this year. The race is on between broadband providers now to see who will be able to keep up with demand and provide service that lives up to the public's growing expectations.

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