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Duke Nukem Forever to Finally Release on 6th May 2011


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That's right, Duke Nukem Forever will finally be with us, for better or worse, on May 3, 2011 (May 6, 2011 worldwide). Publisher 2K Games and pinch-developer Gearbox Software (Borderlands, Brothers in Arms) announced the date this morning. The presumably irreverent first-person shooter will ship simultaneously for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Windows PCs.

Is it really "the moment fans all over the world have been for"? I think we're all a little sour on Duke these days, given 3D Realms' monumental failure to bring a sequel to market in anything like a timely fashion.

The only thing weirder than 3D Realms' inability to capitalize on killer IP has been everyone else's inability to. How many first-person shooters the last decade or so have the kind of zany combat antics (like shrink rays, foot-stomps-of-death, and freeze rays) that Duke Nukem 3D did?

Anyway. Check out the new trailer, which I'd call kind-of-safe-for-work (depending).

What else. The press release confirms all the stuff you'd expect from a proper Duke Nukem game. Like: Invading alien hordes, pig cops, alien shrink rays, mammoth alien bosses, women in distress, naked pole-dancers, adult magazines, whiteboards you can doodle on, outlandish weapons, and other forms of bad-assery. Yep, welcome back to gaming-as-juvenile-pasttime.

2K Games says to expect a demo at some point. If you want it early, you'll have to join the Duke Nukem Forever First Access Club, which means spending extra cash up front: The access codes are only available in Gearbox's Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition.

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eyah but there will be no nudes etc

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