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Rumor: PSP2 Out This Christmas, PS3 In Your Pocket


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Hold onto your hype-detectors, all that chatter about the PlayStation Portable's successor essentially being a portable PS3 may be true.

From the horse's mouth, it seems. So says UK biz site MCV, claiming Sony plans to announce the PSP2's holiday 2011 launch at a Tokyo press event on January 27.

Channeling developer jabber, MCV reports that Sony's been teasing licensees about the devices capabilities, and that the company's calling it "as powerful as the PlayStation 3."

Wait, really? A handheld PlayStation 3? Are they planning to ship the thing with aluminum gloves slathered in Arctic Silver 5 and juiced off a 250 watt power supply?

Who knows, but MCV's sources put the device's debut somewhere during the fourth quarter, possibly as early as October, and say it'll have a high-definition screen (so 1280 x 720 pixels minimum). The current PSP has a 4.3 inch TFT LCD widescreen that displays 480 x 272 pixels, while Apple's iPhone 4 runs at 960 x 640 pixels.

It'll also reportedly include the twin-thumbstick controls long requested and rumored in the offing for the PSP's official successor (sorry PSP Phone, it's probably not you).

MCV adds that Sony's pushing for "richer, more in-depth content" to distinguish it from the more casual-angled iPhone and Android app deluge.

Imagine: Twin-sticks for first-person shooter bliss. A PS2 emulator. Games like Final Fantasy XIII, Heavy Rain, God of War 3, and Gran Turismo 5 without compromises. (Hey, we can wish!)

Consider this Sony's answer to Nintendo's 3DS, also rumored to be a portable powerhouse, says MCV. The 3DS launches in Japan next month, followed by a US debut in (late, probably) March.

I guess we stand by, nonplussed, and hope whoever fed MCV this information wasn't buzzed on amphetamines.

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