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Secure offline password manager


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Secure offline password manager

The problem using always the same password is that if one of the sites you are member of gets cracked then that person will get access to all of your other accounts as well, using a secure password manager is the best way to be able to use a hard to crack passphrase for each website and remembering all of them at the same time.

S10 Password vault is a free offline password manager utility that uses the uncrackable AES256 cipher for encryption, it foils keyloggers, autolocks after a predetermined set time, tells you if your password is strong enough or generates it for you, and it has a portable edition. All of this in just 670Kb, a really tiny application with lots of great features.

When you install S10 Password Vault for the first time it will create an encrypted .s10p database where all of your passwords will be stored, make sure to back it up and do not worry about losing it as only with the masterpassword it is possible to look at its content.

The coolest time saving feature of S10 Password Vault is that to log into a site you won’t even need to type in your password, as long as S10 Password Vault is open you can use a keyboard shortcut and S10 Password Vault will automatically fill in the password for you.

The only downside with S10 Password Vault is that the help file is online, it could probably be improved if a PDF file with the manual could be made available for download, I also think that the password manager window and fonts could benefit from being a little bigger than they actually are.

What was liked most is the structure of the folder hierarchy that helps to get a quick access to your passwords, the autologin feature that saves you time by entering the password for you, and the embedded anti keylogger that sends lots of random hidden decoy keystrokes to obscure the real password as it is typed, very useful to use in conjunction with the portable S10 Password Vault edition at a public computer.

There is a premium, very cheap, business edition of S10 Password Vault that includes automatic central back up of employee passwords, central control over configuration settings and ability to use a private synchronization server. S10 Password Vault is an entirely free password manager for home users, if you like the software you can make a donation to the developer.

Visit S10 Password Vault homepage

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