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Password protect folders with Secure Folder


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Password protect folders with Secure Folder

Free security software to password protect folder

This free open source computer security software does much more than password protecting your folders, it can also lock them, encrypt the data inside and hide the folders from view. I tried to find a folder I had previously hidden using Secure Folder and Windows search did not manage to locate the folder and its contents, looking at where I knew the folder physically was also failed to reveal its existence, only using Secure Folder and entering the password allowed me to view the contents once again.

This free software of only 750Kb in size will help you hide your confidential data in shared computers, but if you install it, its presence in the computer could arise suspicions and anyone with access to the computer can use the software, although they would still need the password to view the hidden folder, it is probably better if you use the portable version of Secure Folder.

Secure Folder includes a screenshot utility, not sure what for, and a privacy sweeper that will erase the Windows prefetch files, the clipboard, the recycle bin and recently opened folders. There is also a file shredder where you can drag and drop the files you want to securely wipe choosing how many times the file needs to be overwritten with random data.

<img title="Secure Folder hide Windows folder" alt="Secure Folder hide Windows folder" width="349" height="421">Secure Folder hide Windows folder

If you forget your password Secure Folder FAQ states that you can email your settings.xml file to the author in order to recover your data, to make sure your data can not be recovered by anyone make sure to encrypt your data! Secure Folder uses the AES256-bit algorithm for encryption , the password is hashed using SHA 512bit but stored in plain text (on its hashed form) in settings.xml. Unless you specifically choose to encrypt the data, simply password protecting a folder will keep its contents in the clear, useful to fool a low level adversary but useless protection against the big boys.

Visit Secure Folder homepage

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