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Microsoft announces 8 million Kinect units sold, 50 million Xbox 360's sold


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Today Steve Ballmer took the stage tooting the success Microsoft last year, prompting good sales of the Xbox 360 Kinect, Windows Phone 7, Office 2010, Office 365, Bing and their Azure services. 2010 was a big year for Microsoft, as they unveiled and launched the new Xbox 360, a slimmer, built-in WiFi adapter, Kinect for the Xbox 360, multiple features that were added to the Xbox over the summer, including an updated dashboard, and the successful sales of Office 2010.

Microsoft demonstrated the power of the Xbox 360 Kinect, with a controller-free experience. Microsoft showed off how easy it is to control videos, audio and even games with just the movement of your hand. Microsoft went on to announce Netflix will soon receive an update for Kinect, allowing you to browse, playback and rent movies and TV shows with just your hands, no controllers.

Xbox 360 isn't only just for gaming and videos, but now live sports events. Xbox LIVE will feature an ESPN app to watch live sports in HD. Microsoft also announced the college bowl leaderboards, so you can battle against your friends by betting on games and scoring points on your predictions.

Kinect will be receiving some very cool applications in the near future, with apps that can track your facial expressions, including your smile, frown and eye brows, giving your avatar emotions.

Microsoft went on to announce that they have sold 50 million Xbox 360's to date, and surpassed their expectations of Kinect sales with 8 million units sold since launch two months ago.

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