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Roboform 7.13


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Set Up from their web


What's new in AI RoboForm 7.1.3:

January 1st, 2011

· RoboForm2Go can now be activated from RoboForm Everywhere license.

· RoboForm2Go can now automatically sync with RoboForm Everywhere (Online) server.

· Installer: add screen that shows what browsers RF will be added to.

· AOL 9.6: make RoboForm attach to this new version of AOL client.

· Quicken: fix RoboForm saving from password dialog in Quicken.

· Chrome: fix crashes, speed up browsing with RoboForm.

· Firefox: fix Fill Forms context menu.

· Firefox: fix Show Toolbar after it was hidden.

· Firefox: make adapter version to be the same as RF version.

· Opera: fix toolbar positioning.

· Matching Passcards: do not show Facebook and Twitter passcards in internal frames.

· Increase font size for Asian languagues.

· Fix AutoFill with multiple choices.

· Fix option to disable RoboForm.

· Identity Editor: custom field values can be multiline.

· Updated UI localization.

I hope someone comes up with a good crack for it soon!!!

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You can stil use the same fix from Tonyweb posted by Bizarre. You will have the new version of the program but it will read 7.11 that's all! ;)

Like this:


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AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH after a reboot lookin at it I think it may have worked!!! my 29 days has been removed! :thumbsup:

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