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harddrives :)


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had 10 days leave back in dec and now 15 days leave in june. (national guard) come back and my 2003 computer is shit slow. sata 120 main harddrive. using xp sp1a orginally and updated to sp2. well it looks like it was going just like the other oem and a 250 one did. 2 gb of stuff taking 40 minutes to put on a usb stick. and dvd image unraring taking a hour. i blame a bit of it on sp1a. (it required 3 patches from sp2 just to fix the 1gb ram and large harddrive problems. as it doesnt actually see the whole large harddrives. only 137 and then afterwards you par the rest. that is of course a big lie bye the sp1 information. so i go buy a 750 gb sata and find a xp sp2 oem at a nicer price then the normal for a oem. ibeing that we had moved i couldnt find the intel cd so i find out sp2 doesnt support lan. oh shit. lucky i gotten myself a hp laptop and found the laterst driver for it. looking nice now with 50 gb par for backup stuff.

went and got another 750 sata since i have 2 connections (they came with a power piece for the old systems too. very nice of seagate to do that) plus 2 750 iede ones too. (whate the heck its my birthday coming up and the wife didnt allow me to get the 3 trees cut and driveway enlarged.) i gooetn also a wd my book white 1 tb harddrive. cheapest at $329 i found out why. with lan and a usb that the computer end so you cant setup without a router. you have to install a free trial mionet 30 software and you cant share with it. afterwards $7 a month for normal use that you can share with. well !@#$ that. took that one back and got a wb my book black for $20 more at bestbuy. it has firewall 400 and 2 800 and a normal usb conenction. (the lan ones that have normal usb connections cost about $100 more)

so im using the tb to take all the crap on my 250 gb drives i have.

some questions i have is has anyone mess with these tb drives and what about seagates 750 ones? just curious. i think pp2p and newsgroups isnt teh best for harddrives and i stop using the agent newsgroup along time ago. too much work with that one compare to newsleecher. what i plan dto do is to have newsleecher send the downloads to a external 250 gb eide in a case. that way the 750s only get finish products with much less fragmenting. one for games, movies and i dont know if i want to use one of the 750 by itself for images (for games) or just put themwith the game harddrive too instead. any thoughts on that would be nice to hear from.

i think im going to leave the tb hd here and not take it with me. though its temping to take it with me. or maybe just get another one while im here.

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