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AdWatch2007 Reg Shield


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Hi, everyone...

Does anybody have the same problem too?

Each time my PC runs out from screensaver, my AdWatch 2007, is blinking and when I open it, it has dozens of RegChange entries like this one:

EventID: xxxx





SubKey:SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrenteVersion\Winlogon\Notify\WgaLogon







Any help, please?

Thanks in advance!

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....hmmm no!

Got to be some dodgy version of screensaver...

Try cleaning registry, it might indicate the same, then just get rid of it???

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Well... thanks a lot for your answers... but:

Running a spyware scan did not found anything.

My screensaver is the XP default... with turn off monitor after 10 minutes... and those of all entries apeers at the exact time I log on again - my PC is in multi user mode and that's when I log in (password protected) that those entries apear...

I think this is very strange... specially because all other entries (cookies) apear in the date group in format dd-mm-yyyy. This ones (RegShield) apear in yyyy-mm-dd format. And those dates become twice.... one in each format.

Don't know what to do....

Ohhh...by the way:

If I shut down PC before closing AdWatch, it gives me an error (a small window taht apears very quick and goes off again) about memory could not be written, and when I turn on my PC the settings I've choose (start minimized...) had gone too... someone found this too?

Thanks in advance again.

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Hello again...

I'm back to tell you that, unfortunatelly, I got no option but UnLoad Ad-Watch 2007.

Each time one user Logon, it was the same problem and many times my PC got crasched... no answer at all. And the other users (not administrators) could not use Ad-Aware neither Ad-Watch. They just don't start at all.

I'm thinking about going back to Ad-Aware SE... that gave me no problem at all.

In case of any sugestion, I would be pleased...

Thanks a lot.

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